Starting the Ideal Protein diet

I desperately need to lose weight. Currently I am 5’10” tall and weigh 295.6. This is according to my first visit to GI Consultants in order to start the “Ideal Protein” diet. It has taken me about a month to jump through the hoops of getting lab work and IKG done. I then had to wait for approval from my insurance company.

My insurance company is the State of Nevada Self-funded HealthScope Benefits. Last year I had the State of Nevada HMO insurance but switched because they do not pay for weight-loss programs.

They approved me and then I had to wait for my general practitioner’s OK. That took a while as the doctor/staff never would fax back the approval. At my GP’s visit, he stated that there were “notes” about the approval but did not know why it was never sent.¬† I hope he sent it.

Finally I started the program. My first day was Saturday, March 30, 2014. I will have weekly weigh-ins starting tomorrow,

A couple of comments about my first week on the “Ideal Protein” diet. In a nutshell, you will¬†prepare 3 meals/snacks per day using their packets. One meal a day can be whatever you want to eat off their approved lists. Basicly, it is a serving of meat with 2 servings of vegetables. Also, the lunch packet meal includes 2 servings of vegetables. You can have all the lettuce you want. In addition, you must take multiple tablets of vitamins, minerals, etc. each day.

What I found:

First, I began with Tomato Basic soup and butterscotch pudding. They were making it difficult to keep to the diet. I would feel hungry and nauseous. I switched to vanilla drink and chicken soup. Much better! Those taste better and don’t give me nausea.

I have found success so far with the omelet mix, pancake, leek soup, mushroom soup, chicken noodle soup, most of the drinks and the chocolate and vanilla puddings. I have not bought any of the bars as I am not a bar person.

In the first 3-4 days, staying on the program was difficult. I was told that, in necessary, I could have another packet the first week. I did not do that. Instead, I made sugar-free jello in the house which has few calories, no sugar and otherwise looks similar to their “jelly packet.” It worked. I was able to tolerate the first week of their meals.

Tomorrow I go for my first weigh-in and we will see whether the first week was worth it. Tune in tomorrow.


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