August 19, 2014 Report

I had to stop the Ideal Protein diet for a while for personal family problems. However, this would be a good test whether I could maintain my weight. My last weigh-in was June 20 and I was at 259 pounds. I did a self weigh-in in July. Result: 255 pounds.

Current official stats are:

Weight: 252.6 pounds. I have officially lost 43 pounds and have been able to keep it off.
Neck: -2 inches
Arm: -2.5 inches
Chest: -2 inches
Waist: -6 inches!!
Hip: -4 inches
Thigh: -4 inches
Waist Hip Ratio: from .90 to .87
BMI: from 43.02 to 36.76

Now I am back on the program. Losing another 7 pounds in my goal in the next month.

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