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August 19, 2014 Report

I had to stop the Ideal Protein diet for a while for personal family problems. However, this would be a good test whether I could maintain my weight. My last weigh-in was June 20 and I was at 259 pounds. I did a self weigh-in in July. Result: 255 pounds.

Current official stats are:

Weight: 252.6 pounds. I have officially lost 43 pounds and have been able to keep it off.
Neck: -2 inches
Arm: -2.5 inches
Chest: -2 inches
Waist: -6 inches!!
Hip: -4 inches
Thigh: -4 inches
Waist Hip Ratio: from .90 to .87
BMI: from 43.02 to 36.76

Now I am back on the program. Losing another 7 pounds in my goal in the next month.

Week 5

Now that I have been on the Ideal Protein diet for just over a month, it’s time to give a one-month report card.

First, I weighed in at 270.6 pounds. That means that I have lost a total of 25 pounds in 5 weeks!!! These last several weeks have been both easy and hard. The hard part was during week 3 when I visited a friend in Reno who had just come home from the hospital. She must have brought a hospital nasty germ home because we both got very sick. I did not eat anything at her house so I must have picked it up by contact–door knobs, chairs, ????

Then, I couldn’t go in for a weigh-in during week 4 because my coach was sick. Finally, I had to travel to Las Vegas for 4 days. That meant packing my Ideal Protein packets in the suitcase and making them on the road. As I was staying at a friend’s house, I thought it would be easy to do but I discovered that she didn’t have small (1 cup size) measuring cups to measure my water to mix with the packets so I had to guess and I am not a good guesser. From now on, I’m packing measuring cups.

Today was weigh day and I had no idea how much I lost but I know that I was losing inches because I put on an old pair of jeans that were one size smaller than I was wearing and they fit! So the inches are coming off too.

The good part of the program is that I am sticking to it! In the sense of hunger, headaches, etc., I am not experiencing any of those symptoms. In fact, I have to remind myself to eat, especially, near dinner time because I am not hungry. I find the pancakes and omelets easy to make for breakfast as I have a small frying pan that is the perfect size to make one large round pancake or omelet and they come out perfect.

Now for other miscellaneous things about my diet. I have been getting a little lazy. I don’t mind mixing packets for breakfast or for an occasional soup for lunch. However, I would much rather drink the pre-mixed drinks instead of making my own. It costs more but for me, I think it’s worth it. If I have a slight avoidance to making my drink, I might go off the diet because I am too lazy. The pre-mixed drinks offer no excuse because they are just too convenient. I keep them refrigerated because they taste better.

I buy at least a month’s supply of food at a time because I only get paid once a month so I don’t have to worry about being broke and unable to purchase any product. Last month I didn’t buy any of the bars or snacks such as BBQ chips. This month I decided not to buy the puddings and purchased some bars and the BBQ chips instead. Again, the laziness factor might have been a decision maker because you don’t have to mix water with the bars and snacks like you do with the puddings. I haven’t tried them yet but will get an update later on.

The next month will be the true challenge for me. The first 25 pounds are the easiest. I’ve lost 25 pounds before but always gained it back. I never could lose more than about 30 pounds total without plateau-ing. So the big test is yet to come.

In Summary: I feel better. I have energy. I am no longer getting nauseous. The program is becoming easier as my gut bacteria has adjusted to the new diet and I actually feel healthier.


Nutrition 101

Yesterday evening was a seminar on Nutrition 101. While I knew most of the information presented, it is helpful to be reminded why it is important to eat a balanced diet. Talking about food, calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. helps to stay on the diet.

Starting the Ideal Protein diet

I desperately need to lose weight. Currently I am 5’10” tall and weigh 295.6. This is according to my first visit to GI Consultants in order to start the “Ideal Protein” diet. It has taken me about a month to jump through the hoops of getting lab work and IKG done. I then had to wait for approval from my insurance company.

My insurance company is the State of Nevada Self-funded HealthScope Benefits. Last year I had the State of Nevada HMO insurance but switched because they do not pay for weight-loss programs.

They approved me and then I had to wait for my general practitioner’s OK. That took a while as the doctor/staff never would fax back the approval. At my GP’s visit, he stated that there were “notes” about the approval but did not know why it was never sent.  I hope he sent it.

Finally I started the program. My first day was Saturday, March 30, 2014. I will have weekly weigh-ins starting tomorrow,

A couple of comments about my first week on the “Ideal Protein” diet. In a nutshell, you will prepare 3 meals/snacks per day using their packets. One meal a day can be whatever you want to eat off their approved lists. Basicly, it is a serving of meat with 2 servings of vegetables. Also, the lunch packet meal includes 2 servings of vegetables. You can have all the lettuce you want. In addition, you must take multiple tablets of vitamins, minerals, etc. each day.

What I found:

First, I began with Tomato Basic soup and butterscotch pudding. They were making it difficult to keep to the diet. I would feel hungry and nauseous. I switched to vanilla drink and chicken soup. Much better! Those taste better and don’t give me nausea.

I have found success so far with the omelet mix, pancake, leek soup, mushroom soup, chicken noodle soup, most of the drinks and the chocolate and vanilla puddings. I have not bought any of the bars as I am not a bar person.

In the first 3-4 days, staying on the program was difficult. I was told that, in necessary, I could have another packet the first week. I did not do that. Instead, I made sugar-free jello in the house which has few calories, no sugar and otherwise looks similar to their “jelly packet.” It worked. I was able to tolerate the first week of their meals.

Tomorrow I go for my first weigh-in and we will see whether the first week was worth it. Tune in tomorrow.